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Wish Publishing was started in December 1999 as the first sports publishing company devoted exclusively to women's topics. The company's publishing plan was to include everything from traditional sports coaching and skill development titles to books to encourage healthy living. We also hoped to be able to bring to the forefront some new role models for girls -- biographies of athletes and the women who may not have been able to compete but have helped create opportunities for the women of today.

In 2004, Wish Publishing launched Equilibrium Books. The goal of this imprint is to publish books that provide a balanced approach to sports for all athletes. We have expanded our publication list with a few titles every year since then and we look forward to continuing to grow this exciting new division of our company.

In 2010, Wish Publishing added book packaging to the services offered by the company -- we offer complete editing and design services as well as help with marketing, finding distribution and other needs for the beginning publisher or aspiring author.

Some of our most recent projects include: